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Welcome parents and caregivers

When a child is facing challenges to their functioning and well-being, finding the right services and support can be overwhelming.  We are committed to helping you access the right services for your child. You can use the navigation to the left to find out more about the New Jersey Children’s System of Care and PerformCare. You will also find links below for information specific to your child's challenges. 

Behavioral health

If you're seeking help for a child or adolescent who has behavioral, mental health, or emotional challenges, please visit the behavioral health section of this site.

Developmental & intellectual disability services

To find services for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities, including eligibility and application materials, please go to the developmental & intellectual disability services section of this site.

Substance use treatment services

Find information about substance use treatment services and resources. PerformCare can refer and authorize substance use treatment services for eligible youth who meet the clinical criteria for treatment. Please call PerformCare at 1-877-652-7624 for more information about eligibility.

We are committed to helping children with behavioral, mental health, or emotional challenges gain access to the services they need.