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DCP&P frequently asked questions

What is CYBER? CYBER (Child Youth Behavioral Health Electronic Record) is a fully functional, multi-system, electronic medical record. The protected health information (PHI) contained in CYBER is protected by HIPAA regulations and should be accessed only on a need to know basis. Please review HIPAA regulations and address any questions with your supervisor to ensure compliance.

I would like to be able to access CYBER, but I don't have a login name and password. Currently only DCP&P Team Leaders are granted access to CYBER.

My CYBER account is locked. What should I do? Contact the Service Desk at 877-736-9176. You will be asked several questions to verify your identity and your password will be unlocked or reset over the phone.

Can I request behavioral health services for a child, youth, or young adult involved with the Division of Child Protection and Permanency (DCP&P)? When DCP&P has custody or guardianship of youth, DCP&P may both register and seek authorization for services. When DCP&P is involved and does not have custody or guardianship, DCP&P may register the youth, but the legal guardian must consent before services can be authorized.

If I have a court order, why do I have to go through the referral process to access services? Services accessed through PerformCare are authorized based upon the clinical needs of the child, youth, or young adult, not by a court order alone.

How are intensive in-community (IIC) services obtained? IIC services are available as a part of a behavioral health plan for children enrolled in Case Management or Mobile Response Stabilization Services (MRSS).

Under what circumstances can PerformCare disclose information about a youth without signed consent by the family and youth age 14 and older? PerformCare may disclose information without consent by the family and youth age 14 and older when DCP&P has custody, guardianship, a court order, or is investigating abuse and neglect.

How do I access Division of Children's System of Care out of home treatment (treatment home, group home, residential treatment center, etc.)? Out of Home treatment (OOH) is our highest intensity of care and is only accessed when all other therapeutic interventions have been exhausted. A referral for OOH is made by DCP&P or Case Management. DCP&P can make this referral by completing a comprehensive telephonic review. Telephonic Review guidelines and additional information regarding OOH treatment settings are also available.

Is consent needed by the family in order to complete a telephonic review for OOH treatment? Consent is not needed when DCP&P has custody or guardianship. Signed consent or verbal consent received via telephone conference call is required when role of DCP&P is involvement only.

What is Youth Link?

Youth Link is an electronic file created and maintained by PerformCare. Youth Link identifies children, youth, and young adults referred for Out of Home Treatment services, and allows for appropriate placement by accurately matching the Intensity of Service (IOS) needs, the OOH Provider information and program capacity. Youth Link was formerly known as the "Bulletin Board."