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Intensive In-Community (IIC) Providers Orientation

The New Jersey Children’s System of Care (CSOC) is a division of the Department of Children and Families that provides an array of integrated and trauma-informed supports and services to youth with behavioral health challenges, intellectual and developmental disabilities, and/or substance use needs.

Intensive In-Community Services (IIC) are a key service component of CSOC. IIC services provide community-based, short-term, focused therapeutic interventions designed to support youth with moderate and complex needs and their families in stabilization, skill development, and community connection.

The interventions focus on engagement of the youth and family, psycho-education, and skill building toward prioritized goals so the youth and family can gain insight and ultimately feel and function better.

As the contracted system administrator (CSA), one of PerformCare’s goals is to provide IIC providers the tools and information to deliver services successfully within CSOC.

This webpage is a repository of IIC training materials your agency can use for key CSOC provider operating procedures. Materials discuss how to use the CYBER system, receiving biopsychosocial assessment (BPS) and IIC-BA (behavioral assistance) referrals, and billing for services rendered.

Please make sure to bookmark this page and/or save it to your browser’s favorites, as it is unavailable through the main PerformCare website.

Clinical guidelines

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CYBER — general

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CYBER — security

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Billing and claims

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