Children's System of Care values and principles

PerformCare is the single point of entry for all children, youth and young adults entering the New Jersey Children's System of Care. We follow a service delivery model that is built upon a strong foundation of core values and guiding principles.

Core values

  • Family driven
  • Youth guided
  • Individualized and community based
  • Culturally and linguistically competent
  • Evidenced based


  • All children who need services should receive the same accessibility to services.
  • Availability and access to a broad, flexible array of community-based services and support for children, and their families and caregivers, to address their emotional, social, educational and physical needs, should be ensured.
  • Services should be individualized in accordance with the unique needs of each child and family.
  • Services should be guided by a strength-based, wraparound service planning process and a service plan that is developed in true partnership with the child and family.
  • Services should be delivered in the least restrictive settings that are clinically appropriate.
  • Treatment outcomes for children and families should be quantifiable.