IIC-BA treatment plan and business rules FAQs

How long will it take for the IIC or BA ISP to be reviewed and does it go to the Care Management Entity (CME) first before submitting to PerformCare?

There is no review time for the IIC or BA ISP; both are automatically approved upon submittal. These plan types do not get routed to the CME prior to submittal to PerformCare.  CME will be notified of their submittal or approval on their Welcome Page under the Service Plans – Approved link. 

Who is responsible for completing the progress notes in the system?

All notes must be completed by the person who actually completed the activity. IIC Supervisors cannot complete progress notes for IIC clinicians; IIC clinicians cannot complete progress notes for BAs, etc.

If an IIC/BA provider is terminated in tracking will they still be able to call PerformCare to get the record open if they were late posting a note?

Yes, the provider still has the ability to contact PerformCare to have the record open to input progress notes. Please note that the provider will not be granted access if they are continuing to work with the youth through CMO or MRSS.

Will the submission timeframes for IIC/BA ISP be documented on the PerformCare website?

Please refer to the PowerPoint reference document or the recorded training for this information.

When submitting a new plan, will the provider be able to use the "copy" function to bring up the old plan, edit and resubmit?

Yes. Once the new plans are available, and the user has submitted the first ISP, they can copy the initial ISP when creating an updated plan.

Will supervisors have access to draft ISPs before they are submitted to review and approve?

The author of the ISP can use the "Transfer" functionality within the ISP to transfer the plan to another user within their agency. Also, users can assign plans to themselves using the Plan Approval screen.

Will we be able to copy the plans across types (IIC to BA, CMO to IIC, etc)?

No. Copying can only be done with the same plan type (IIC to IIC, BA to BA, etc.)