Annex A Out of Home Addendum FAQs

How do I gain access to the Annex A Addendum?

The agency's Annex A Administrator is the only CYBER user who can access the Annex A Addendum. There are two security levels for the Annex A Administrator: Read-Only access and Edit access. Both Read-Only and Edit security level users can view and print the Annex A Addendums in CYBER for the programs they are associated with. Edit access users are able to add, edit, and submit Annex A Addendums.

How can my agency add our Annex A Administrator to CYBER?

When a new Out-of-Home (OOH) program is added to CYBER, CSOC will submit the initial request to the CYBER Service Desk in order to set up the OOH agency’s Annex A Administrator. If an OOH program would like to request a new Annex A Administrator or make any changes to their existing Annex A Administrator, the program should make this request by e-mailing the CYBER Service Desk.

Can I print an Annex A Addendum from CYBER?

Yes. At any time, the user can print the program’s Annex A Addendum. Addendums that are not approved in CYBER will print with a “Draft” watermark on every page. Annex A Addendums that are in Denied status are not printable.

To print the Annex A Addendum, double click on the Annex A document. The “Print” button is located at the bottom of the document. Once this button is selected, the user will have the ability to export the document to PDF format in order to print. The user has the option to print the Annex A Addendum in its entirety or certain pages based on need.

How does a user know that there are required fields within the Annex A Addendum that were not completed?

When a user selects the “Submit” button, CYBER will run a series of validations on all required fields in order to ensure that they were completed correctly. For example, the total capacity across all sites entered in the Site Details section of the document must equal the total number of contracted beds that is entered into the Populations Served section.

If the numbers do not match, the user will receive a validation error and will be prompted to make required corrections. Each time the “Submit” button is selected, CYBER will run the same validations across the entire document. The user will be able to successfully submit the document to CYBER for review once all errors are corrected.

How should I use the Comments Accordion section of the Annex A Addendum?

The Comments Accordion section is not a part of the Annex A Addendum contract. Any information entered in the Comments section should be for communication and informational purposes only. For example, if submitting a modification to a currently approved and active Annex A Addendum, enter a comment to describe the modification being requested.

How are individual sites for treatment homes (TH IOS) managed on the Annex A Addendum in CYBER?

Administrative offices should be entered in the Site Details section. The individual treatment home sites should not. Rather, providers will continue to submit quarterly treatment home reports to CSOC offline.

Will changes to Site Details information require a modification to the contract?

No. Changes to individual sites within the parameters of the contracted populations served will be handled through an Administrative Change request in CYBER. The Administrative Change request allows a user to propose changes to the program’s Site Details. Such changes can include changing the number of beds at a site, activating/deactivating a site, adding a new site, changing the gender and/or ages served at a site. Administrative changes must be approved by CSOC. Please refer to the Annex A Addendum training document for step by step instructions on how to use this feature.

How do I document additional staff that does not fall within the parameters provided within the TTMCR grid?

Two additional lines are available to enter staff titles not already captured as Treatment Team Members. If you choose to provide more than two titles, please utilize the Comments text box at the bottom of the grid.

Are Annex A Addendums specific to CSOC contracted OOH programs or do they include DCP&P contracted OOH programs as well?

Annex A Addendums in CYBER are specific to CSOC contracted OOH treatment programs only.

Please define FTE in the Treatment Team Members to Child Ratio grid.

FTE is defined as Full-Time Equivalent based on a 40 hour work week (i.e. 1.2 FTEs = 48 hours).