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Integrated Services for Families

Welcome Parents and Caregivers of Children with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities

The State of New Jersey has contracted with PerformCare to administer the publicly-funded developmental disability service delivery system for children up to age 21. This transition is a result of the state government restructuring initiated by Governor Christie which moved the responsibility for providing services to children with developmental disabilities from the Department of Human Services' Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) to the Department of Children and Families' Children's System of Care (CSOC). PerformCare has been administering the State's Child Behavioral Health System of Care for many years. The expansion of this System of Care model to also serve children with intellectual and developmental disabilities is a significant step forward. This integrated approach will allow for better coordinated care. As a result, as of January 2, 2013, PerformCare will become your point of contact to assist in coordinating the care for your child that had previously been managed by DDD. Please click on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below for important information.

Applying for Determination of Eligibility for Children with Developmental Disabilities

In January 2013, the New Jersey Department of Children and Families - Division of Children's System of Care (CSOC) assumed responsibility for determining eligibility of individuals under age 18 for developmental disability services. CSOC also assumed responsibility for providing support and services, deemed clinically and functionally appropriate, for individuals under age 21 with developmental disabilities.

As the door into the New Jersey Children's System of Care, both applications for eligibility for developmental disability services for children under age 18 and requests for developmental disability services for children under age 21 who have already been determined eligible to receive developmental disability services must be submitted to PerformCare.

The application materials (below) may be downloaded from this web page and printed out for completion by hand. You may also call PerformCare at (877) 652-7624 to request that the application materials be mailed to you. Please refer to the Application Cover Letter and the Documentation Checklist for guidance on completing the required application forms and submitting the required supporting documentation. The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) provide additional information on both the eligibility criteria and how to access services.

Please be advised that CSOC only accepts application for children under age 18. Applications on behalf of individuals 18 and older must be submitted to the Department of Human Services – Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD). Information on DDD's application forms and process can be accessed from the DDD website ( CSOC will honor determinations of eligibility for developmentally disability services made by DDD for individuals between 18-21.

Downloadable application materials for developmental disability services


The completed application forms and supporting documentation should be mailed to PerformCare at the following address:

Attention: Family Support and Eligibility Unit
PerformCare New Jersey
300 Horizon Drive
Suite 306
Robbinsville, New Jersey 08691