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Why is there an export limit of 65,000?

The export limit is a Report Server limit, not an Excel limit. The Report Server will export the file as an Excel 2003 file, no matter what version of Excel you have installed on your computer. We recommend you export to Excel when the record count is less than 65,000 and to a CSV file when it is greater than 65,000. If you have Excel 2007 then you will be able to open the CSV file as an Excel file.

Why are the Excel field names different than the CSV field names?

When exporting to Excel, the field names are the titles of the fields and can be revised. The field names in a CSV file are the actual column headings from the database.

What are the date fields?

There are three date fields in the extract. They are Service Date (or Note Date), Created Date and Submitted Date (or Committed Date).

  • Service Date: The date the service was provided. This date is entered by the Provider. The Service date is the key parameter field, which is the basis of the report.
  • Created Date: This is the date the progress note was created or entered and is automatically populated when you save the record for the first time.
  • Submitted date: The date the progress note was committed to the record. This date is automatically populated. Committing the progress note also changes the signed field from "no" to "yes".

Can we view the note?

No. Due to the large volume of note data it was not possible to show all of the information in the extract.

When and how will the records appear for a child?

If the child is presently open to an agency, the note record will have a Case Manager and Supervisor name attached to it; it will be marked as "Unknown" if the names are not known. All of the child's progress note records will be shown back to the first progress note. If the Tracking Element for the agency has closed, the user will see all of the progress note data that was in the child's record while the Tracking Element was open; they will not see current progress notes (if the child is currently open to another agency).

What parameters need to be changed when you are changing only one of them?

The parameters are cascading parameters, which means that each parameter is dependent on the previous parameter(s). The parameter order is left to right and top to bottom. You only need to check the parameters that appear after the parameter that you have changed. Please refer to the Instruction Guide, page 6, for specific information.