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Summer Camp

Financial Support toward Summer Camp 2014

Information about summer camp financial support for the 2014 camp season is now available!

Please review the Summer Camp Frequently Asked Questions for information about eligibility, deadlines, and how to apply.

Summer Camp Application

The application forms for financial support toward summer camp tuition and one-to-one aide is now available.  Applications will be accepted through April 30, 2014.

  • Summer Camp Financial Support Application
    Use this application to request up to 10 days of day camp (or up to 6 days of overnight/ residential camp) financial assistance at a qualified camp.
  • Summer Camp One-to-One Aide Application
    Use this application to request a one-to-one aide for a DD eligible child who requires one-to-one supervision/support in order to attend the summer of camp of your choice.

Qualified Children's System of Care (CSOC) Camp Providers

CSOC will provide financial support toward summer camp tuition only for those camps on the Qualified Camp Provider list. The Qualified Camp Provider List is updated as camps become qualified. Due to health certificate requirements, most camps will not be qualified until sometime in April.

Please select a county in New Jersey to view the available Qualified Camp Provider. To access services, you must directly contact the Qualified Camp Provider to register your child for camp. If your camp provider is not on the list, you can ask the camp provider to apply to become a qualified camp provider.  If you view the qualified camp provider list and there does not appear to be any camp qualified in your area, please check back again and/or contact your camp to find out if they are planning to apply.  There may be very few camps listed until closer to the camp provider’s deadline to apply.

Note to Qualified Camp Providers

The deadline to apply to be a qualified camp is April 16, 2014.   All camps, including camps qualified in 2013, must re-apply this year.  More information can be found in the Summer Camp Provider section of our website.

Once approved, Qualified Camps can update their contact information by contacting the PerformCare Service desk at 1-877-736-9176 or by e-mail at