CYBER 2.0 Release – Coming Soon (Updated 9/1/2023)

PerformCare will launch CYBER version 2.0 in fall 2023, which will be a total rebuild of the CYBER application utilizing the HTML5 platform. This new version of CYBER will feature improved and expanded functionality for CYBER users.

One of the most significant (and most requested) changes will be a wider selection of browser support in CYBER. Users will be able to use browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari. In addition, users will be able to use CYBER on Mac operating systems.

Some of the additional updates to CYBER will include:

  • Ability to utilize CYBER on tablets and large-screen smart devices.
  • Application expansion to the width of the device (monitor, laptop, tablet).
  • A fresh color scheme and appearance with consistent display standards throughout CYBER.
  • Standard headers and footers for user identification and access to website links.
  • Conversion from accordion format to tabular format for all treatment plans, assessments, and Annex A documents.
  • Sort and filter functionality for all columns in grids.
  • Updated acronyms — for example, "RES" will become "OOH," "UCM" will become "CMO," "DYFS" will become "DCP&P," etc.
  • Added provider identification columns and push buttons in the Progress Notes grid.
  • Document “rotation" for proper viewing in Doc Upload.
  • Updated password randomization for enhanced security.

More details about the CYBER 2.0 release are forthcoming. PerformCare will be posting training updates to this webpage as we get closer to deployment.

We look forward to showing you this new version of CYBER, and we thank you for your patience.