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The New Jersey Children’s System of Care (CSOC) provider directory has been recently updated, with an expansion of service listings and functionality. Families can use the CSOC provider directory to search for service providers and organizations. For more information on services and providers, please read the PerformCare Youth and Family Guide PDF.

This directory is not a complete listing of all CSOC providers. You may need prior authorization for specialty services. There may be some limits on self-referrals.

NJ Children's System of Care Provider Directory

CSOC behavioral health outpatient providers are Medicaid-approved. You may also see outpatient providers that accept private insurance through other resources in your community. If you have private insurance, please talk with your insurance carrier to find other providers in their network.

If the provider directory is not available, please contact PerformCare at 1-877-652-7624. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Provider directory features

The provider directory offers information on multiple service offerings available in the Children’s System of Care. The directory will feature the following provider groups:

  • Children's Crisis Intervention Services (CCIS) is a network of regional, short-term psychiatric inpatient crisis intervention and treatment services units serving youth ages 5 to 17.
  • CSOC Summer Camp Services are available to youth who are eligible for intellectual and developmental disability services through CSOC.
  • Family Functional Therapy (FFT) is a treatment service for youth who are exhibiting severely impulsive and noncompliant behaviors, which appear to be consistent with an impulse control disorder or a disruptive behavioral disorder.
  • Family Support Organizations (FSOs) are nonprofit, county-based organizations run by families of children with emotional and behavioral challenges. FSOs provide peer support, education, advocacy, and feedback to families.
  • Family Support Services (FSS) are a coordinated system of supports, which are designed to maintain and enhance the quality of life of a young person with an intellectual/developmental disability (I/DD) and his or her family.
  • Multisystemic therapy (MST) is an intensive family- and community-based treatment that addresses multiple aspects of serious antisocial behavior in adolescents.
  • Outpatient Treatment is defined as clinical services that include individual, group, or family therapy and other counseling, as well as medication prescription administration and review provided in a non-residential setting. Please note that CSOC does not currently offer outpatient treatment services and that these listings are provided as a courtesy.
  • Partial Hospitalization (PHP) is an intensive, nonresidential, therapeutic treatment program that may or may not be hospital-based. The program provides high-intensity clinical treatment services in a community-based setting on a level similar to the intensity of an inpatient treatment program.
  • Substance Use treatment providers

For more information about services in the Children's System of Care, please review the following resources:

Please contact PerformCare at 1-877-652-7624 for more information about access to CSOC services.

NJ Children's System of Care Provider Directory

Additional provider lists

  • Substance use provider list PDF
    PerformCare partners with the State of New Jersey to administer substance use treatment options. Please note that substance use programs authorized through PerformCare are limited to eligible youth who meet the clinical criteria for treatment. Families and youth are encouraged to contact PerformCare directly at 1-877-652-7624 to confirm their eligibility for services. If upon review, your child does not meet criteria for services through PerformCare, we will provide you with referral information for other available services throughout the state.
  • Designated Screening Services in New Jersey (PDF) for psychiatric emergencies, crisis intervention services, information, and referrals.
  • Care Management Organizations (CMOs)
    CMOs are county-based, nonprofit organizations that provide face-to-face care management for youth with complex needs and their families. Please note that prior authorization through PerformCare and the NJ Children’s System of Care is required for CMO services. Call PerformCare at 1-877-652-7624 for more information on accessing CMO services.
  • Family Support Organizations (FSOs)
    FSOs are nonprofit, county-based organizations run by families of children with emotional and behavioral challenges. FSOs work together with other agencies and organizations to make sure the system is open and responsive to the needs of families and youth. FSOs provides peer support, education, and advocacy to families.
  • Out-of-home provider list PDF.
    The Children's System of Care works to provide support that allows a child to stay in the family home. However, if your child needs out-of-home (OOH) treatment for behavioral health or developmental disability needs, settings are available throughout New Jersey. Prior authorization is required for OOH services. Call PerformCare at 1-877-652-7624 for more information.
    Certain OOH Intensities of Service (IOS) require authorization by the Specialized Residential Treatment Unit (SRTU) prior to admission. If a youth is assigned to an SRTU consultant, Care Management should verify if SRTU authorization is required.
    Intensive residential treatment programs (IRTs) are exclusively referred through CCIS units only and may not be referred by Care Management.
    For descriptions of OOH services, please review the Clinical Criteria.